A lot changed in Karatu!

Our twelve children with the new matron Maria TamboAugust 3rd, 2013 – First of all we are happy to say, that our new matron, Mother Maria Tambo, has accustomed herself well to our community. Her relationship with the children is excellent and she cooperates effectively with our cook. Furthermore all of our employees just got a work contract, which includes rights and obligations for both sides, as well as free days. This contract is brings advantages for all of us and prevents problems with the municipality of Karatu.
Due to holidays and exams it is not possible for our kids to switch to the local Tumaini-School until September. Besides better education the new school also includes sports classes in which the children can playfully learn values like team spirit and fairness. Nevertheless the kids already have plenty of opportunities to let out their urge of move at the orphanage’s own playground.
Aside from the change of school there will also be an alteration for our younger children: They will soon go to a nursery school. Preferably to one that offers transport for them, because our house is a little outlying and the young kids cannot manage yet to go the way of a full our by foot.

Another positive piece of news is the success of the “bag-action” organized by the VHS Pinneberg/ Norderstedt. Thanks to their engagement we got the much needed clothes for the children, who were also really happy about the donated toys. Together with the various games that Mrs Schiffmann and the housemother play with them, toys and other incitements have a great impact on the development of the kids: They always want to learn more. Moreover we plan to go to church with the kids separated by their confession. Mother Maria is Roman Catholic and will therefore visit the catholic service with one part of the children. The other part will continue going to the Evangelical Lutheran together with Mrs Schiffmann or Salome. We have a good relationship to both churches.

Gisela Schiffmann and the children going to churchEvery now and then we also have German-speaking groups of visitors which come to visit our project. Mrs Schiffmann informs them about the social, economic and political circumstances in Tanzania. Shereports that the visitors are happy about the given information and that it is also a lot of fun for her to share her knowledge and experiences. In addition we often get useful presents.
Other good news come from the medical treatment at our house in Karatu: Mrs Schiffman hopes that she can get into contact with a german pediatrist in September, so that he can take a look at the twelve children. The doctor works in the hospital of Heidom and has a great knowledge concerning the African conditions. Furthermore we got a donation of medicaments from the dermatologist Dr. Knees-Matzen, who her practice in Pinneberg.
So these were the most important news from Karatu. Karibuni e.V. is still looking for sponsors for the Tanzanian children and needs your support.
At the 3rd of September Mrs Schiffman will return to Karatu to supervise the change of school and to support the local employees.