Welcome to Karibuni e.V.!Karte von Afrika und Tansania

To give a home to some of the many orphans in the Tanzanian city Karatu, Gisela Schiffman, the founder of Karibuni e.V., bought a 5000m2 property at the foot of the mountain Ngorongoro. Only a personal loan allowed the initiator of the organisation this step. After five years of renovation, the formerly dilapidated 200m2 house turned into an orphanage which was opened in 2011. Now it possesses sanitary installations, furniture that is appropriate for children and a big garden, which makes it possible to grow fruits and vegetables for our own use. Furthermore there have been added some new playground equipment and a football ground for the kids.

Currently the orphanage in Karatu provides a sheltered accommodation for 12 children aged from four to nine years. Many of them required medical care before being able to attend the local public school. Apart from that the kids particularly get a lot of attention from the native staff and, during her regular visits, from Gisela Schiffman herself. It is our aim that the community of the house teaches the children playfully important values like public spirit and other social competences. Besides, particular skills and strengths of the girls and boys are spotted and improved in the home.

It is the purpose of Karibuni e.V. to give the orphans the chance of a self-determined life by educating and promoting them individually.