The Tingatinga-Calendars for 2014 are up for sale!

Tingatinga-Kalender 2014Tingatinga-Kalender 2014Tingatinga-Kalender 2014December 6th, 2013 – The Tingatinga-Painting is a Tanzanian form of art which developed in the 1960’s. While referring to typical African forms of art, Tingatinga depicts scenes from the daily life as well as rituals. The magic that is still rooted in the Tanzanian way of life and harmonic depictions of animals in African landscapes form important themes. The date of origin of the typical quadratic format is said to be caused by the unemployed Edward Saidi Tingatinga who started to paint with bright-lustre bicycle paints on square ceiling covers. Nevertheless, this new form of art only became popular after the death of the founder. Nowadays the Tingatinga-Paintings represent an interesting and colourful combination of tradition and modernity. Tingatinga-Kalender 2014Tingatinga-Kalender 2014Tingatinga-Kalender 2014

Our Tingatinga-Calendar 2014 (DIN A4) costs 12,00 Euro and is currently available via mail or phone.

The paintings depicted in the calendar are unique versions from Tanzania that can also be ordered via mail or phone. The square paintings have a size of approximately 60x60cm and are stretched onto a frame.